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No. Index Brochure(KOR) Brochure(ENG) Manual
28 Model 7300 Steady-State DC Bar Ionizer
27 Model 7110 Pulsed AC Bar Ionzier
26 Model 7380d Steady-State DC Bar Ionizer
25 Model 7380i Steady-State DC Bar Ionizer
24 Model 2400 Ceiling Emitter Ionizer
23 Model 2300 Ceiling Emitter Ionizer
22 Model 2100 Pulsed DC Bar Ionizer
21 Model 360F Self-Balance Ionizing Blower
20 Model 360E Self-Balance Ionizing Blower
19 Model 360A Self-Balance Ionizing Blower
18 Model 310E Self-Balance Ionizing Blower
17 Model 310SE Self-Balance Ionizing Blower
16 Model 310S Self-Balance Ionizing Blower
15 Model 3110 BenchTop Blower
14 Model 3810E BenchTop Blower
13 Model 3890E Wide Coverage (2Fan/Fast Discharge)
12 Model 3920E Overhead Blower (2Fan/Fast Discharge)
11 Model 3930E Overhead Blower (3Fan/Fast Discharge)
10 Model 3940E Overhead Blower (4Fan/Fast Discharge)
9 Model 3820E Overhead Blower (2Fan)
8 Model 3830E Overhead Ionizer (3Fan)
7 Model 472A Gun Ionizer for Cleanroom Compatible
6 Model 470 Gun Ionizer (General)
5 Model 4110 Nozzle Ionizer
4 Model 4120 Nozzle Ionizer w/ IR Sensor
3 Model 5820 Ionizer Monitoring System
2 Model 6100 Static Ion Bar
1 Model 6200 - AirKnife Static Ion Bar