Olympus ESD Test System

The GTS 2-Pin system offers unparalleled
testing capabilities.

  • Virtually Eliminates Tester Parasitic Issues
  • Confident Test Result
  • Unlimited Pin Count
  • Exclusive High Speed Probe Positioners for Ultra-Fast Operation
  • Very Fast Flying Probe Station
  • No Costly Test Fixture Boards Required
  • Wafer and Package Level Testing in One System
  • Powerful Yet Intuitive Software
  • HBM, TLP, HMM and MM in One Easy to Use System
  • Modular Design - Select Options as Needed

HBM Test Running Sample

Next Generation Flying Probe Tester

Testing Capabilities

  • HBM 4kV and 8kV
  • TLP and VF-TLP
  • Human Metal Model (HMM) and MM
  • Measure DUT Current and Voltage
  • Full DC Curve Tracing
  • Leakage Voltage Range: 0.1mV to 200V
  • Current Source and Sensing: 100pA to 1A
  • Manual / Semi-Auto / Full Automation